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Digital Marketing Services

   PPC Search Ads

  • Pay-Per-Click is the most common digital advertising model. The main goal is to drive traffic to the website. Since web pages and search engines have limited ad space, brands will need to participate in online auctions for ad placements. You set an ad budget and bid based on how much you’re willing to pay for clicks on your ad. So you pay per click. For example, you are a plumber, so you bid on “best plumber near me” keyword. You decide how much you want to bid. Then you enter the online auction to bid against other competitors with the word “best plumber near me”. In the end, the highest bidder wins and gets the best placement, hopefully top of the page. 
  • Google and Bing (Microsoft) are the two primary PPC Search companies we work with.

   Website Design and Hosting

  • Your website is the centerpiece for your digital marketing plan, since all advertising methods are eventually directed there. Speed, content, readablity and search engine optimization are important factors in the design of your site.

   SEO Website and Local Business

  • Local businesses should utilize tools such as Yoast SEO Local and Google My Business to increase visibility. Track performance by using tools like Google Analytics to know which online methods are successful for driving traffic to your site.

   Social Media Content Posting and Ads

  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top three social media platforms and can be used to directly engage with your prospects and customers. Regular content updates on these sites can be paired with targeted demographic selections to put your message in front of the right audience.